Collection #1000 is the first group of posters to be offered on Praise Posters. This group includes a bonus poster as we celebrate the grand opening of this website. Normally, each collection will contain five posters, which will be shipped near the end of each month. These sets of posters will reflect the seasons of the year when possible, but will always seek to inspire us to grow stronger in the faith. By subscribing to the monthly program you save $2.00 per poster. Each poster will cost $8.00 in the set and there will be a $12.00 shipping and handling fee. That brings the total monthly cost for the set to $52.00. Because there is a bonus poster in this grouping, the cost per poster is only $6.67! You will be billed each month.

If you would like to sign up today, click the link to the Sign-Up page and we'll get your first set of posters to you as soon as possible. There is no contract to sign and you can cancel at any time. You only pay for the posters you receive.

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The pictures below show the images that will be included on your first set of Praise Posters. These full-color posters are 36x24 inches and are suitable for hanging directly on the wall or they can be placed in regular poster frames. You may want to purchase some poster frames and swap out the image when your new set of posters arrive.
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Perhaps you would like to order this bonus collection before signing up for the monthly program. If so, you can use Pay Pal or a major credit card to order this set of six posters for only $52.00 (which includes your shipping cost). Click below to get started and we'll ship your posters to you as soon as possible.