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Welcome To The Praise Posters Website

The Praise Posters website is now open, but what you see here is very limited compared to what we expect to offer to the faith community. At this time we are offering our first collection of Praise Posters. We are working on a catalog of individual poster offerings and we will offer other collections in the near future. We had planned to wait until we had more posters ready to offer, but we've had requests to activate the website as soon as possible. We hope you like what you see now, and we think you'll love what it coming. We thank you for joining us on this journey. Please tell your friends about us and watch us grow!

- All of our posters are intended to inspire children and adults by using Bible verses or Biblical themes. All posters are consistent with Christian values and are suitable for display in church buildings, schools, gymnasiums, camps, dining areas and other places where people congregate for Christian fellowship. All posters are printed in beautiful full-color (except when a designer decides that a black and white image is more desirable).

Praise Images Are Also Available As Canvas Prints

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If you are looking for something smaller than posters, may we suggest you visit "Jacque's Artsy Gifts" on-line gift shop. Artsy Gifts features a variety of art decor as Canvas Prints. These canvas prints can be placed on the wall or displayed on stands (like the canvas print to the right). You can even submit your own picture, have it converted to look like an oil painting, then printed on canvas. Many of the same images on this website are available as canvas prints. To learn more, visit the Artsy Gifts website:


Praise Posters are produced by:
Digital Designs - Nick Rapheal, owner
128 Harlan Avenue,
Hendersonville, TN 37075
Phone: 615-265-8614
Fax: 615-265-8615
Email: digitaldesignstn@bellsouth.net

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